The Uilleann Pipes represent a seminal Irish mode of artistic expression and there is no doubt that O Duinnchinn has understood this specific mystical strain. 

« Reggish Paddy » is O Duinnchinn’s mode of creating access to the mysteries of existence through the possibilities of the instrument. It is an introduction to a wide variety of tune types spanning counties, countries and centuries. He has explored modes, modulations and moods, rhythms, regulators and rhapsodies, temperaments, tones and tunings and one gets the sense that his search cannot be satiated.   

O Duinnchinn moves so creatively, so artistically into fresh possibilities for this most sensitive, most expressive of musical instruments; the Uilleann Pipes. 

He brings a masterful technical ability to his art that naturally places him among the greatest of pipers, this collection takes piping and the piper into a totally new realm. 


    Virtuosity is authentic when it is an expression of the heart; O Duinnchinn’s art is sourced here, his supreme subtle fingering coupled with his innovations on the regulators showcase this search. 


   O Duinnchinn is ever conscious of the powerful sense of inheritance from the masters of the past. Such inheritance has naturally demanded investigation. 


                                           « Reggish Paddy » is the fruit of inheritance, innovation and individuality.



Tiarnan O Duinnchinn has long been recognised as a master of the Uilleann Pipes in every respect. This fabulous recording places him on a special pedestal among the greatest of pipers.