Laoise Kelly

Newly minted this album Ar Lorg na Laochra / On The Shoulders of Giants is a collaboration between  Laoise Kelly and Tiarnán Ó Duinnchinn and is a cause for celebration . 

Harper and piper respectively have achieved levels of excellence and mastery realised by only a very few musicians .They are regarded by many in the same light as the giants they invoke on the album title.


Almost all of the main regional styles and repertoires in Irish traditional music alongside their exemplary players are invoked here. Humour gaiety mischief and sorrow weave in and out of the musical narrative . All the while homage to the source of the tunes is expressed in the choice or selection of tunes in the reference to the associated player or collector and in the playing . 

More contemporary references to musicians and singers bring us into the vitality of the present and a tradition that is alive and well . 


Cati and Me

Glen Road Trio